What to Wear for Concert - 22 Cute Outfits for Concerts (2023)

What to Wear for Concert. Confused about what to wear to a concert? You would not be the first because attending a musical event is not just about grooving to your favorite tunes. Its also about hanging out with your friends, even making new ones, and having fun.

Lots of pictures and selfies get taken during such events. So, of course, you will want to look your best! Different fashion ideas and styles are popular for concert attire but it also majorly depends on what kind of music you are into, so accordingly, your dress will be defined whether it is hip hop, jazz, country, or some other type. Showing up to an orchestral concert wearing skinny jeans and a tube top is so not something any of us want to do! In this article, we are going to show you the 23 concert outfit ideas we rounded up to give you an idea on what to wear to your next concert! Keep reading to find out what they are!

Cute Outfits for a Concert

Before deciding on an outfit, make sure you ask yourself these questions:

  1. What type of concert is it? (Rock, jazz, hip-hop, symphony, etc.)
  2. What type of venue? (Outdoor, indoor, a stadium, a club, etc.)
  3. What will the weather be like? (If the concert is outdoors, make sure you are prepared in case it rains, or it’s snowing, or it’s very hot so you can dress accordingly!)
  4. Will you be standing or sitting? (This will heavily influence your footwear, my friends.)
  5. Does the concert take place at night or in the daytime?

Once you answer these questions for yourself, now it’s time to get into some of our top tips for planning concert attire!

  • Wear flats, sneakers, or other comfortable shoes. This is more pertinent if you are attending a concert where you will be standing or dancing most of the time. Obviously, this may be different for an opera or symphony concert where you are sitting most of the time.
  • Go easy on the layers. Wear something you can remove and tie around your waist if you get too warm, but think twice before piling on the scarves, hats or other pieces that you couldn’t easily stash away if the need demanded it!
  • Avoid open-toed shoes. Again, this applies to concerts that require standing. If you plan on rocking out down in the pit then you are definitely going to have your toes stomped on! Avoid flip-flops or any kind of shoe where your toes are exposed. (Unless it’s for a concert on the beach; this is where knowing your venue is important!)
  • Wear a crossbody purse. This is great for keeping your essentials close on your body so you can jump around, dance, and have fun worry-free!

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↓ 1. Girly and Feminine Style for Teenagers

If you are in your teens or twenties, then go for pale pastel shades and pair them with classical accessories. This looks sweet, sophisticated, and elegant. But only for a jazz concert as that usually calls for dressy attire. You can wear short formal dresses or an LBD for that concert. But this spaghetti striped blue shirt looks perfect with white skinnies and wedges, which will provide you comfort and a smart look. White skinny jeans, a pale blue vest, and chunky brown wedges will be perfect for a summertime concert.

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↓ 2. Sporty and Western Look

Country music is most popular in the South of the USA, encompassing the sense of that beautiful region of country and folk music which has been incorporated in the songs. So when attending a country music concert, this plaid shirt, cowboy self-patterned shoes, and a cowboy belt are all you need to look the part. Just add a fedora hat or a baseball cap. If you want to dress up according to Texas cowboy style then wear a checked shirt and embroidered bootleg jeans. For a sporty look, pair these with a basketball cap, buckled belt, and long cowboy boots. Yeehaw!

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↓ 3. Summer Concert Outfit

Most concerts are held during the spring and summer seasons as people like to go on holiday, so if the heat is bothering you, dress light. This means wearing a sleeveless black vest, which can be covered with a shirt during the night-time or evening. You can either wear a jacket or a blazer over it to give a decent yet modern look and mix-match it with bell-bottom jeans and boots. If you have combined it with a shirt or a blazer you can also wear high-heeled pumps.

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↓ 4. Preppy and Posh Style

For a sophisticated and classic look, wear a bright red vest and pair it with a black miniskirt. Aviators and ankle boots help finish this look off perfectly. Sunglasses look great at any day-time concert. You can also see top 10 Women glasses brands to make out the best choice for you. This cute hairstyle for the concert is complementing the entire look.

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↓ 5. Perfect Wear for Country Concert

In case you are attending an event during the daytime, keep it casual. This means a plain black t-shirt, ripped jeans, and a shirt tied around your waist. Open-toed boots look really stylish this season. These are perfect shoes for concerts and music events and are complementing the jeans that you have put on. For more ideas, check out our exclusive post on Country Concert Outfits For Women.

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↓ 6. What to Wear to a Daytime Concert

In the mood to dance your heart out? Frocks and shift dresses or body cons are the best way to dress up then. Wear a bright, funky yellow dress with high but comfortable heels and 1970s white-rimmed sunglasses. Matching hot pink lipstick will help make you stand out. Accessorize with dangling earrings.

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↓ 7. Daring and Retro Funk

If you are attending a hippie concert, then keep it funky and retro. Find a cool printed, preferably digital art top and pair it with oversized sunglasses for a bold chic look. Let the dress do the talking and keep the rest of your accessories minimal.

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↓ 8. What to Wear to an Indoor Concert

Events with rock bands tend to get sweaty and last long, but with that they also make people come out in quite fashionable dresses. So to keep the trend alive wear a skimpy outfit that allows you to remain cool. The perfect color is a white, chiffon dress with slinky heels for sophisticated glamor. (Switch out heels for more comfortable footwear if you plan on standing a lot.)

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↓ 9. What to Wear to an Indoor Jazz Concert

Once again, this is a perfect look for summer concert outfits. Skirts have made a major comeback in all forms. If you are not comfortable in short dresses, yet want a modern and chic look, try a skirt. This mid-length net skirt is perfectly combined with an off the shoulder blouse. Lace-up ballet flats will look stylish and will be comfortable also.

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↓ 10. What to Wear to a Hip-Hop Concert

This is a great outfit for younger girls attending an R&B concert. Hip-hop culture promotes an informal style, and this long sporty tunic is a perfect one with sneakers and socks. Accessorize with a cap and aviators with a gold watch.

What to Wear for Concert - 22 Cute Outfits for Concerts (11)

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↓ 11. What to Wear to a Rock Concert

Rock concerts or Gothic concerts are perfect for all-black punk looks. Shorts and a band embossed shirt is a perfect way to go about it.

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↓ 12. What to Wear to an Indoor Concert in Winter

A romper with tights is a great option for those who are attending indoor concerts during the winter. Simply throw a coat over this stylish little ensemble and add a beanie and scarf to keep yourself warm getting to and from the venue.

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↓ 13. Layering with Jackets

When attending concerts, especially at night, it’s common to get quite chilly. So make sure you bring along a jacket so that you aren’t left shivering as the hours go on! This is a great outfit for college-aged girls and older as it is chic and simple and super stylish.

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↓ 14. Long Skirt & Graphic Tee

This is a gorgeous option for the gal who likes to mix feminine with tomboyish style. A floor-length skirt looks phenomenal with a tucked-in graphic tee and a long necklace. Let your hair down and wear flats or wedges, something that will keep your feet from aching after long hours on the dance floor!

What to Wear for Concert - 22 Cute Outfits for Concerts (15)

↓ 15. Funky Style for Concert

This gorgeous bohemian look is great for summer concerts both indoor and outdoor. It’s all about the palazzo pants with this look but they are complemented so nicely by fun matching accessories. Check out our article on how to wear palazzo pants with different outfits!

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↓ 16. What to Wear to a Country Music Concert

Scarves look too good in any winter concert outfit. You also get many ideas on how to wear a scarf with different outfits for aglamorous look at your concert. Shirt dresses with infinity scarves look very stylish. This is a great option for country music concerts.

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↓ 17. Pastel Shades for Concert in Winter

Perfect for winter daytime concerts. Mini pleated skirts with the same colored blouse and a blazer gel perfectly for the cold weather. Add tights to keep your legs warm!

What to Wear for Concert - 22 Cute Outfits for Concerts (18)

↓ 18. Crop Top and Palazzo Pants

Pants are always the best option for concerts. You won’t have to worry about things slipping out of place and paired with a crop-top, it’s a one-and-done look you can easily throw together without hassle.

What to Wear for Concert - 22 Cute Outfits for Concerts (19)

↓ 19. Denim Jacket and Leggings

A black tee looks great when paired with some patterned leggings and a denim jacket. If the night gets too warm, simply remove the jacket and tie it around your waist! Keep accessories minimal with some simple hoop earrings and give your feet the gift of comfort with some cute flats!

What to Wear for Concert - 22 Cute Outfits for Concerts (20)


↓ 20. Ripped Skinnies and Band Tee

High-waisted skinnies are essential and they look so great when paired with a sleeveless tee and ankle boots. Throw on a print wrap and pair with a matching cross-body purse.

What to Wear for Concert - 22 Cute Outfits for Concerts (21)


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↓ 21. Rock Concert Outfit

Band tees and cheetah-print skirts are what rock dreams are made of. Accessorize yours with a fuchsia purse and suede ankle boots and get ready to scream-sing your heart out. (Pro tip: wearing a little pair of undershorts is a must as you want to be able to jump around and have fun without worrying about flashing anyone! Another option for this look if you aren’t into the skirt is switching it out for leggings or even shorts!). Here are some more Rock Concert Outfits Ideas For You To Try.

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↓ 22. White Tee and Ripped Jeans

A white tee is such a cute look, especially when paired with light-wash denim and sandals. Tie a plaid shirt or jacket around your waist in case you get chilly and keep your accessories minimal. A simple pair of aviators will do the trick, as well as a cute brightly colored purse. (Stick to crossbody if you can and keep your bag small, as no one wants to lug around a giant bag when they are trying to rock out and have a good time!)

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↓ 22. Graphic Tee and Denim Shorts for Concert

For our last outfit, we kept it trusty and simple. A black graphic tee and cutoff shorts are perfect for jumping around and rocking out in. It’s great for summer attire as you may be dripping in sweat from all the dancing, and you will be so glad you passed on the leather pants. Accessorize with some sunglasses and get yourself a pair of rocking booties. This studded pair says ‘we mean business’ loud and clear. This outfit works great with bumbag to stash your essentials in!

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What to Wear for Concert - 22 Cute Outfits for Concerts (24)


How do you look cute at a concert? ›

So we've rounded up a few of our favorite concert outfits and done the shopping for you.
  1. Floral top + relaxed jeans + fun sunnies. ...
  2. All black everything. ...
  3. Denim on denim. ...
  4. A breezy set + satin top. ...
  5. Simple black top + jean shorts + cowboy boots. ...
  6. A puff-sleeve crop top + midi skirt. ...
  7. An all-leather moment.
20 May 2022

What is the best outfit to wear to a concert? ›

You don't have to go all out when it comes to dressing for a gig; stick to comfortable clothing that you can move around in. Opt for loose-fitting T-shirts and jeans for optimal comfort, and bring a jumper or cardigan to layer. You can also go with a denim jacket, as they're versatile and light.

What do most people wear to concerts? ›

As regular concertgoers, we know every show has its typical attire: a jean jacket, jeans, sneakers, and a band tee.

Should I wear shorts or jeans to a concert? ›

If you're going to a rock concert, wear something low-key like a T-shirt and jeans. For a pop concert, you might dress up a little bit more with a button-down shirt or crop top. If you're going to a music festival, try wearing a lightweight dress or romper. Or, you could wear shorts and a bright printed t-shirt.

What shoes should you wear to a concert? ›

Close-toed shoes are typically going to be the best option for footwear at concerts. Concerts and music festivals can get crowded, and with the audience and concert-goers walking around, jumping, and dropping things, you want to protect your feet from these potential hazards.

Should I wear heels to a concert? ›

Heels (or wedges) are a great look. Only wear heels that you are comfortable enough in that you can stand for five hours straight without needing to sit down. Comfortable flats are a better choice. Keep in mind you will be on your feet most of the time and might be dancing.


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