Suspension Upgrades for Towing and Hauling Heavy Load (2023)


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Suspension Upgrades for Towing and Hauling Heavy Load (1)

Suspension Upgrades for Towing and Hauling Heavy Load (2)

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Suspension Upgrades for Towing and Hauling Heavy Load

With Timbren SES kits your vehicle will remain level at all times. These suspension upgrades prevent truck squatting or trailer sag which can cause roll and sway when traveling down the highway under heavy loads. Driving with trailer sag is incredibly dangerous as it decreases your control over the vehicle. That's the last thing you need when towing a heavy trailer or with your bed under a heavy load.

The Aeon® rubber helper springs found in a Timbren SES kit have a progressive spring rate. This means the heavier the load is that pushes against the spring, the harder the spring pushes back to keep the load level. The Timbren SES rubber helper springs also do not make contact with the frame unless it is under a load. In other words, you are guaranteed a soft, comfortable ride at all times.

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