51 Great Trucking Name Ideas and How to Choose One | Constant Contact (2023)

Are you thinking about (or in the process of) starting your own trucking company? Starting a new business is an exciting adventure. At the same time, there’s a lot that you need to do.

One of the most challenging first steps you need to take is deciding on a great trucking company name. Not only do you want to make sure you choose a memorable one, but you also need to make sure it represents your business well but doesn’t already belong to another trucking company.

Whether you have a general idea what type of vibe you’re trying to express or you’re not sure quite what you’re looking for, we’ve got a few tips to help you choose a name that suits you best and a few trucking company name suggestions to help you get started.

Table of Contents

  • Key points in this article
  • The importance of a great trucking company name
  • Do’s and don’ts of naming your trucking company
    • Trucking company name ideas
      • Catchy names
      • Cool names
      • Dependable names
      • Funny names
      • Personal names
      • Professional names
      • Speedy names
      • Using a name generator
    • Find a name that suits your business

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    Key points in this article

    • A great name for your trucking company can help you stand out from your competition.
    • Choosing a name can be a challenge, but following a few simple do’s and don’ts can make it easier.
    • You have many options for great names, including those that are catchy, cool, dependable, and even funny.
    • If you’re stuck, try a name generator.
    51 Great Trucking Name Ideas and How to Choose One | Constant Contact (1)

    The importance of a great trucking company name

    First things first: Why does it matter what you name your trucking company? Some might argue that it’s not important at all — as long as you do a good job, it theoretically shouldn’t matter what name you pick.

    While your reputation is generally the most important thing when it comes to securing jobs and getting repeat business, a great name certainly helps. Many times, your company’s name will provide the first impression of your business to people looking to hire you. Choosing a name that reflects your business values and brand identity ensures you make the right first impression.

    Selecting a unique name can also help you rank well for branded search terms, which will make it easier for customers to find you online. Additionally, a unique name will help make your business more memorable.

    Landing on the perfect trucking company name might not happen right away, and that’s okay. If you’re finding the task difficult, here are a few do’s and don’ts to keep in mind as you generate potential ideas.

    Do’s and don’ts of naming your trucking company

    Do: Choose simple, easy-to-pronounce words

    You want all of your potential clients to be able to pronounce your business name. If it’s hard to say or spell, it makes finding you (or obtaining business from word-of-mouth recommendations) more difficult.

    Don’t: Limit yourself to a specific location

    While you might want to pay homage to where you’re from, using a specific location in your name can limit your business. Clients in other areas might not find you while conducting an internet search. They also might think that you only operate within a certain area.

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    Do: Keep it short

    A short and sweet name is easier to remember than something that’s several words long. Limit yourself to three or four words, if possible.

    Don’t: Pick someone else’s brand

    Before you settle on a name, search for it on a few search engines and directory listing sites, like Yelp, to make sure someone else isn’t already using it. If another company is already using the name, try something else.

    Do: Get a good domain

    Choosing a .com domain name is preferable. While it’s not guaranteed to put you at the top of search results, a .com domain can help boost your search engine ranking over businesses with a .biz or .net domain.

    Don’t: Forget to get feedback

    Don’t be afraid to ask for opinions. Talk to a few of your trusted friends or family members. Create a poll on social media and see what your followers think. Getting outside opinions can help you land on a name that more people will love and recognize.

    51 Great Trucking Name Ideas and How to Choose One | Constant Contact (2)

    Trucking company name ideas

    Choosing a great name for your new company can feel like an overwhelming task. After all, it’s something that will impact your advertising, your branding, and even what’s printed on your business cards for the life of the business. To help get your creative juices flowing with name ideas, we’ve compiled a list of some solid suggestions.

    Catchy names

    A truly memorable name can help you stand out from your competition. It also makes your name easier to recall, so potential customers will think of you first when they need a trucking company.

    1. Arrow Trucking

    2. Best Yet Freight

    3. Heavy Metal Movers

    4. Jet City Trucking

    5. Move Forward Transportation

    6. Rock & Roll Trucking

    Cool names

    Much like catchy names, cool trucking company names are easy for customers to remember, making it easier for them to think of you first.

    7. Ace Trucking

    8. Diamond Trucking

    9. Metropolitan Shipping Company

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    10. Racehorse Transportation

    11. North Star Shipping

    12. Spirit Cargo

    13. TNT Transportation Company

    Dependable names

    As a trucking company, growing your business depends on your customers feeling they can rely on you to get their shipments from point A to point B with no hiccups. A dependable name helps provide an extra bit of reassurance that you will meet the expectations of anyone who works with you and trusts you with their deliveries.

    14. Dependable Shipping Company

    15. Faithful Road Shipping

    16. Honest Transportation

    17. Proven Load Freight

    18. On-Time Shipping

    19. Quality Transportation Company

    20. Safe & Sound Shipping

    21. Surefire Delivery

    22. Trusted Transportation

    Funny names

    There’s certainly nothing wrong with injecting a little bit of humor into your company name. Funny names are catchy, memorable, and they show that you might be a fun (yet professional) business. Just remember — funny names are fine, but you have to be careful. Not everyone will share the same sense of humor and trying to be too cheeky could cost you potential customers.

    23. Huff & Puff Transportation

    24. Just Run Trucking

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    25. Motley Cruise Transportation

    26. No BS Shipping

    27. Purple Cow Cargo

    28. Up In Flames Transportation

    29. Sixpack Shipping Company

    30. Share the Road Shippers

    Personal names

    A common way that trucking company owners name their businesses is by using their own name. It’s not as creative as some of the other ideas on this list, but these names work. As a founder, there’s something satisfying about seeing your name in your company’s logo or on the side of a fleet of trucks. Keep in mind that while it can be an effective solution, common names might already be in use by other trucking companies or might make your business harder to find online.

    31. Brandenberg Trucking

    32. Covar Carriers

    33. Moore Transportation

    34. Nick’s Shipping Company

    35. Sanders & Sons Shipping

    Professional names

    A professional-sounding name conveys to your customers the level of responsible, skilled service they can expect from your business. You take your job seriously and you care about their satisfaction.

    36. 24/7 Transportation

    37. Brothers Trucking

    38. Eagle Shipping Company

    39. Global Transport Company

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    40. King’s Cargo Company

    41. United Road Freight

    42. Worldwide Transport Company

    Speedy names

    While you certainly don’t want to break any land speed records to get your shipments to their destinations, a name that suggests you’re fast certainly won’t hurt. A speedy name, along with a reliable reputation, can pique the interest of potential customers who need freight delivered quickly.

    43. Ahead of the Rest Freight

    44. ASAP Trucking

    45. Expedited Cargo

    46. Faster Pace Transportation

    47. Full Speed Ahead Shipping

    48. High-Velocity Transport

    49. Instant Shipping Company

    50. Rapid Delivery Transportation

    51. Trucking Without Delay

    Using a name generator

    51 Great Trucking Name Ideas and How to Choose One | Constant Contact (3)

    If you find that you’re having trouble coming up with something on your own, you can always use a trucking company name ideas generator. These tools can provide you with numerous additional ideas, increasing the odds that you’ll find something that grabs your attention.

    There are several name generators out there, including ones from Shopify and BizNameWiz that can help you come up with potential names. All you have to do is enter a keyword, such as trucking, and the tool provides you with a list of suggestions.

    Find a name that suits your business

    Choosing a name is an important decision when it comes to starting any business, including a trucking company. Take some time to think about what message you want to convey with your name and jot down some ideas. Then, take a quick look online to see if other trucking companies are already using those names. When you find something you love, get your business registered, and start marketing to get your name out there.

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    For more tips on getting your trucking business up and running, check out The Download, Constant Contact’s complete guide on digital marketing for trucking companies.


    How do I come up with a catchy business name? ›

    How to come up with a business name: brainstorming tips
    1. Write out your story. ...
    2. Take a personal inventory. ...
    3. Look at other business names in your industry. ...
    4. Look at other industry business names. ...
    5. Do an emotional brainstorm. ...
    6. Check the thesaurus. ...
    7. Mull over mythology, movies & legends. ...
    8. Use a business name generator.
    Feb 28, 2022

    What are some catchy business names? ›

    Catchy business name ideas
    • Groupon.
    • Influitive.
    • Spinfluence.
    • Intellivision.
    • Perficient (proficient, perfect, efficient)
    • Omnilert.
    • Technologent.
    • Securiteam.
    Nov 8, 2021

    What is the most profitable trucking business? ›

    What are the most profitable trucking jobs in 2020?
    • Ice road trucking. ...
    • Hazmat hauling. ...
    • Tanker hauling. ...
    • Oversized load hauling. ...
    • Luxury car hauling. ...
    • Team driving. ...
    • Owner-operator jobs. ...
    • Private fleets.
    Feb 11, 2020

    What is another word for trucking? ›

    In this page you can discover 22 synonyms, antonyms, idiomatic expressions, and related words for trucking, like: hauling, transporting, carrying, truckage, bartering, rigging, trading, moving, exchanging, bargaining and peddling.

    What do you call a trucking company? ›

    1. trucking company - a company that ships goods or possessions by truck. shipping company - a company that provides shipping services. trucking industry - an industry that provides transportation for commercial products.

    What are some creative names? ›

    • Aria.
    • Penelope.
    • Nova.
    • Isla.
    • Rowan.
    • Everly.
    • Brooklyn.
    • August.

    How do I find a unique company name? ›

    Here are 12 helpful suggestions on how to come up with a winning name for your business:
    1. Avoid hard-to-spell names. ...
    2. Don't pick a name that could be limiting as your business grows. ...
    3. Conduct a thorough Internet search. ...
    4. Get the .com domain name. ...
    5. Use a name that conveys some meaning. ...
    6. Conduct a trademark search.
    Oct 23, 2016

    What is the highest paying freight? ›

    9 Highest Paying Trucking Jobs
    • Ice Road Drivers. ...
    • Oversized Load. Salary: $71,442 per year. ...
    • Specialty Vehicle Haulers. Salary: $82,099. ...
    • Team Drivers. Salary: $96,573. ...
    • Private Fleet. Salary: $95,999 - $110,000 per year. ...
    • Mining Industry Drivers. Salary: $58,862. ...
    • Liquids / Tanker. Salary: $88,024. ...
    • Hazmat Drivers. Salary: $65,466.

    Which CDL endorsement pays the most? ›

    Most students who graduate with their Class A CDL will get into over-the-road (OTR) trucking. That means you drive longer distances, log more miles, usually drive across the US, and therefore get the highest wages of any class of truck drivers.

    What is a antonym for transport? ›

    Antonyms. take away lose repel push employer pull back.

    What does just trucking along mean? ›

    to continue to do something that is ordinary and boring: "How's work going?" "Oh, okay. I just keep on trucking."

    What is the trucking industry? ›

    The trucking industry refers to the use of road transportation, such as semi-trailers and light trucks, to move goods across overland routes.

    What are trucker toothpicks? ›

    Truck drivers – who are among the drugs most popular users – often soak their toothpicks in liquid methamphetamine, which gives them a mild dose as they chew on it while driving down the road.

    What does V stand for in trucking? ›

    Trucking Industry Abbreviation and Acronym Cheatsheet
    USDOTUnited States Department of Transportation
    VMRSVehicle Maintenance Reporting Standards
    VMTVehicle Miles of Travel
    104 more rows

    What are some trucker sayings? ›

    CB Lingo Words and Phrases
    • 10-4 Roger – Yes.
    • Back door – behind your truck, somebody who's behind you, like the police.
    • Bad ass – very cool.
    • Bear – cop.
    • Catch you on the flip flop see you on your return trip.
    • Chicken coop – weigh station.
    • Chicken lights – extra lights on a rig or trailer.
    Mar 24, 2022

    What's a cool badass name? ›

    Along with Ace and Axel, other badass boy names in the US Top 1000 include Blaze, Dash, Fox, Harley, Jagger, Justice, Ryker, and Wilder. Many badass names are also impressive occupations, among them Hunter, Pilot, Ranger, and Sargent.

    What are some cool rare names? ›

    Rare Baby Names You'll Fall In Love With
    • Noe. Shutterstock. Pronounced "NO-e," this name is a variation of the more popular Noah. ...
    • Melina. Shutterstock. ...
    • Niko. Shutterstock. ...
    • Cassandra. Shutterstock. ...
    • Sage. Shutterstock. ...
    • Renata. Shutterstock. ...
    • Lennon. Shutterstock. ...
    • Viviana. Shutterstock.
    Oct 8, 2021

    Whats a good made up name? ›

    Top 'Made-Up Names' for Girls
    • Maevery.
    • Faelina.
    • Idalia.
    • Evabeth.
    • Tessadora.
    • Anaveah.
    • Jessalie.
    • Sylvalie.
    Feb 14, 2020

    How do you come up with a good name? ›

    Try out these tips:
    1. Character names should offer insight into personalities and characteristics. ...
    2. Choose a name and stick to it. ...
    3. Say the name out loud. ...
    4. Avoid starting with the same letter. ...
    5. Avoid overused and/or boring names.

    What are combined names? ›

    Combination names are baby names that are made by combining two or more names. Name blending is a popular way of naming babies where parts of the mother's and father's names are merged to create a name. But the names of other family members such as the grandparents can be the starting point as well.

    How do you create a brand name? ›

    10 tips for effective brand names
    1. START WITH THE END IN MIND. As with all marketing, a clear brief is critical to success. ...
    7. LESS IS MORE. ...

    How do you brainstorm a business name? ›

    7 creative business naming brainstorming tips
    1. 7 business naming tips. Ready to come up with a business name for your new venture, but not sure where to start? ...
    2. Perform a word dump. ...
    3. Try alternate spelling. ...
    4. Use a thesaurus. ...
    5. Create a mood board. ...
    6. Play with foreign languages. ...
    7. Take a drive. ...
    8. Hold a focus group.
    Feb 5, 2018

    How much do Amazon loads pay? ›

    As of Aug 27, 2022, the average annual pay for an Amazon Owner Operator Truck Driver in the United States is $191,146 a year. Just in case you need a simple salary calculator, that works out to be approximately $91.90 an hour. This is the equivalent of $3,675/week or $15,928/month.

    What state pays the most for truck drivers? ›

    Highest-Paid Truck Drivers By State
    RankStateAverage Truck Driver Salary
    2Rhode Island$70,834
    4New Jersey$70,043
    46 more rows
    Aug 2, 2022

    How can I get high paying truck loads? ›

    Here's how you can increase your chances of getting high-paying truck loads:
    1. Turn To Load Boards. ...
    2. Look For Freight Brokers. ...
    3. Hire A Dispatcher Directly. ...
    4. Register As A Government Contractor. ...
    5. Prospect Shippers. ...
    6. Build A Good Network. ...
    7. Broker Your Loads. ...
    8. Find Out Your Unique Selling Proposition.
    Sep 23, 2020

    Which load board pays the most? ›

    What is the Highest Paying Truck Load? On average, flatbed loads have the highest rates. Flatbed trucks are used as truck freight for construction goods, large manufactured parts, and various oversized loads.

    What driving job pays the most? ›

    Review these three best-paying driving jobs that pay over $80,000:
    • Tanker driver.
    • Tractor-trailer truck driver.
    • Owner-operator driver. National average salary: $301,511 per year. ...
    • Automobile hauler. ...
    • Ice road truck driver. ...
    • Hazardous materials hauler. ...
    • Heavy equipment transporter. ...
    • Mining truck driver.
    Nov 2, 2021

    What's the best class CDL to have? ›

    Class B CDL. As you decide to get a Class A versus Class B CDL, the bottom line is you want a CDL that will pay you the most money. Generally, that will be a Class A CDL because you are able to haul more freight in terms of weight, as well as for longer distances.

    What is the average profit margin for a trucking company? ›

    The average net profit margin of a trucking company averages between 2.5% and 6%. That means it can be a profitable business and an industry that you can make a decent living from, provided you get into the trucking business with your eyes wide open.

    How much do fleet owners make per truck? ›

    According to trucking company Cargo Transport Alliance, the average gross per truck is between $4,000 and $10,000 per week. An owner-operator who owns a company and manages operations can earn a take-home pay of $2,000 to $5,000 a week. An investor can earn a profit of $500 to $2,000 per truck per week.

    How much do fleet owners make? ›

    How much does a Fleet Owner in United States make? The national average salary for a Fleet Owner is $64,496 per year in United States.

    What should I name my freight brokerage? ›

    Catchy freight broker business name ideas
    • Reliable Couriers.
    • Reasonable Riders.
    • Marshal Logistics.
    • Perfection Passage.
    • Phoenix Motor Express.
    • Speedy Key.
    • Total Quality Logistics.
    • SpikeFesst Shipping.
    May 30, 2022

    What should I name my dump truck business? ›

    Dump Truck Company Name Ideas List
    • Transport Trucking.
    • Covar Carriers.
    • Long Haul Trucking.
    • Trucks On Demand.
    • Hit the Road Trucking.
    • Roadway Ready.
    • Business Progression.
    • Dumpsters US.

    What is hot shot business? ›

    What is hotshot trucking? At its simplest, hotshot trucking means hauling smaller (less-than-truckload or LTL) loads. They are often time-sensitive and usually delivered to a single destination. For example, suppose a construction company needs a specific piece of equipment delivered from one job site to another.

    What does logistics mean in trucking? ›

    A trucking logistics company is, in essence, an organization that manages all aspects of your supply chain. This includes shipping, receiving, and all points between. It also can include the packaging, disposal, and security of your goods. A successful trucking logistics company makes your freight move smooth.

    How can I get high paying freight loads? ›

    Try the Government – If you can, try to bag government contracts. The government is a great client that offers high-paying loads and pays reliably. Government agencies like the Postal Service and the Military are some examples of possible clients.

    Who is the biggest freight broker? ›

    With net revenue of around 1.8 billion U.S. dollars, C.H. Robinson is the largest freight brokerage firm in the world, assisting between a company that needed their freight delivered and a qualified motor carrier. C.H. Robinson is a transportation and third-party logistics company headquartered in Minnesota.

    What's another name for a dump truck? ›

    A dump truck, known also as a dumping truck, dump trailer, dumper trailer, dump lorry or dumper lorry or a dumper for short, is used for transporting materials (such as dirt, gravel, or demolition waste) for construction as well as coal.

    How can I make money with my dump trailer? ›

    There are numerous dump trailer business ideas that can be both profitable for you and beneficial for your customers at the same time.
    1. Junk Removal.
    2. Snow Removal.
    3. Landscaping Supply Transportation.
    4. Job Site Hauling.
    5. And More!

    What is a dump box? ›

    A dump body is a semi-permanent structure designed for trucks to store and haul materials, to eventually disposing of its content through gravity.

    Can you hotshot with 2500? ›

    The 2021 Ford F-250 and Chevy Silverado 2500 HD

    The 2021 Ford F-250 is another great option for prospective hot shot truckers, as it has an impressive max towing capacity of 37,000 lbs and produces up to 1050 lb-ft of torque with its most powerful engine.

    What is a Class 3 truck? ›

    Medium-Duty Trucks

    Class 3: This class of truck has a GVWR of 10,001–14,000 pounds or 4,536–6,350 kilograms.

    What is a hot shot trucker? ›

    Hotshots are generally Class 3, 4 or 5 trucks pulling a flatbed or other type of trailer for extra capacity. They're often delivering an item needed to prevent a failure, such as in the power grid, in a factory or plant, or a pump in an oil field. They also often tow cars, equipment, machinery, boats and even RVs.

    What is trucking slang? ›

    Common Trucker Slang:

    All locked up: a weigh station is closed. Alligator: there's a blown tire in the road. Anteater: Kenworth T-600. Bear: police officer. Big slab or big road: interstate.

    What is round robin in trucking? ›

    Round Trip also called “round robin” a round trip is where a driver moves a load to a point, reloads at that point, and returns with a load back to the original point of pickup.


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