14 DIY Powder Coating Oven Plans (2023)

A DIY powder coating oven is a place that will bake and cure your parts in a successful attempt to go from powder-coated to done. What's cool about these ovens is that they can be used for almost anything powder coating-related once you make them. They can be used for parts, tools, golf clubs... anything you can get your hands on. In addition, you only use the included items inside the oven, so there's no need for expensive or even free supplemental tools or materials. So get ready to play with fire and have some fun! We'll show you how to build it yourself. But first, let's briefly review some background.

The Powder coating is a coating for metal parts that are applied electrostatically in a chamber; parts to be coated are electrically charged, and the paint is attracted to them. The parts then move into the oven, baking in the paint, sealing it onto them. There are two kinds of powder coating ovens. The first is called a batch oven, and it's a big box with a conveyor belt that moves the parts through it. The powder is heated to about 275 degrees Fahrenheit in this oven.

Types Of Powder Coating Oven DIY

The second type of oven is called a convection oven, and it's what you see in most powder coating shops. The parts are stacked on a rack, and the powder is sprayed onto them. The rack is then moved into an oven, and it's exposed to heat (usually about 150 to 200 degrees Fahrenheit). The powder coating is then baked on the parts.
The oven described in this article is a convection oven. It uses a heater that heats the powder coating to about 250 degrees Fahrenheit, sufficient for most powder coating jobs.

Some of the powder-coated ovens on my list are electrically heated or gas-fired, depending on which you prefer more. So, let's dive in and see the fantastic ways several creators made their powder coating ovens.

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How To Make A Powder Coat Oven

Take your shop improvement to the next level when you make your very own powder coating oven. Whether you are a professional or amateur, this video guide will take you step by step in making your powder coating oven. The internal components of the powder coat oven are simple enough to construct, but it is still essential that you use the right elements to ensure that the project goes well. A powder coat oven is the best place to put in when deciding if you want to make powder coating; you can use it when guests or clients are producing your products.

This video guide will help you make an oven once you finish putting in the right parts, plus some more. Building a powder coating oven is not easy, especially if you don't have the right plans. The powder coating components can generate extremely high temperatures, so you will need to get the right parts to build the oven. This video will walk you through how to assemble all of the components required so that you can start your powder coating project in no time.

Powder Coating Oven For $50

This oven can be built for under $50 and has a great temperature range of 200 degrees to 450 degrees. You'll need a place to vent the powder coating fumes from unless you have a fume hood. I have this set up in my garage which works excellent for venting, but it does mean that during the summer when it's 100+ degrees outside, it's about 110 degrees inside the oven. The Toaster oven is homemade, designed to be set up in the corner of your garage for easy use.

Its simple design allows you to melt powder coat paint at any temperature you want. Our DIY powder coating oven is inexpensive and easy to build, and it's fully adjustable. Rather than dealing with expensive and commercial-grade equipment, you can make your setup for a fraction of the cost. Full instructions on how to get this set up are given in the video above.


LARGE Powder Coating Oven

The large powder coating oven is finally done and running. It's a permanent fixture in the shop, and I can't wait to try it out. As you can see, it's huge and only needs to be used once or twice a year for large jobs such as fenders that need coating here at LMC. It's big enough to accommodate our full-size frame rails; if you assemble frame cars and other large projects currently have in the house, this superb powder coating oven is surely going to help you. Follow this unique and admirable DIY project to make an impressive functional addition to your garage pr workshop; you'll surely like it.

This homemade powder coating oven! This is for use with large parts that would not fit in a conventional oven or small electric kiln. It's made of ex-military steel shipping containers, heaters, and an old propane burner. The creator has controllable heat from 750 degrees to 1100 degrees. A dust collection system keeps things clean, a compressor pumps the gas through a regulator, and a high-temperature thermocouple is used to control the burner's output. It will be a superb multi-functional DIY powder coating oven, and you'll surely admire it.

File Cabinet Powder Coating Oven

Need to powder coat something large? Do you need a file cabinet for other things? This File Cabinet Powder Coating Oven can completely enclose common office and woodworking file cabinets. The two-piece design also allows room for you to work on them as well as powder coat them! A DIY File Cabinet Powder Coating Oven that has a working space of over 11 feet! It uses a simple circuit with a high/low variable resistor to control the power and a standard timer for the heat cycle. Don't be afraid to let us know if this meets your needs or not; we will try our best to show you everything we have learned over the years.

This design uses a homebuilt slab roller oven to form the black protective powder coat. It will heat resist to about 600F, but if you want to get all fancy pants and heat resist the top of the 17-½" tall cabinet interior, it can get up to 800F or so. This is a "build it yourself" file cabinet powder coating oven DIY project that includes lots of pics and descriptions on how to build from scratch.


How To Build A Powder Coating Oven

14 DIY Powder Coating Oven Plans (1)

Have you ever wanted to build your powder coating oven? A guy in his garage created this one. It has 2000 watts of power running to 4 recessed ceramic heating elements. This will allow you to build any size oven you like, all the way up into large production models. The air will be pulled through with a 20-inch convection fan that pulls air across the oven through ducting. The Powder Coating Oven has a few essential elements to get outstanding results in this hobby. A powder coating oven needs to have a few very critical pieces of equipment, such as a heating element, a fan, air ducting, power switch, etc.

In this guide, you will learn how to build a recessed powder coating oven that comes with all of the needed elements. If you follow the guide step-by-step and purchase everything from the links provided in this guide, the odds are excellent that your powder coating oven will turn out better than expected. This is a guide that tells you exactly. Building this powder coating oven will make any powder coating process easier. No longer do you have to worry about painting in freezing temperatures, locking yourself out of your house, or setting up sheet metal on your kitchen table. This project can fit into an existing shop or garage with ease. There's no tape measure involved in cutting materials; instead, use these easy-to-follow cutout templates to ensure you get everything right on the first try and save yourself time and money.

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Powder Coating Oven

(Video) Building My Own Powder Coating Oven!

Are you looking for a cheap powder coating oven? Using some simple tools and metal sheets, make your powder coating oven to save you big on money for excellent colors. You can use it to coat your fabulous projects with awesome colors. This DIY Powder Coating Oven can produce great results if you have a controller to help regulate temperature and provide the necessary airflow. The design of this powder coating oven is based on a $6000 commercial powder coating oven.

Find out how to build your own steel powder coating oven for an affordable price. This powder coating oven was created using materials that are easy to get a hold of. It is easy to build and works just as well as its higher-priced counterparts. The average price of the materials used to build this powder coating oven came out to be $250-$500. If you have upgraded your tools, it may cost more, but for most hobbyists, it will be under $500. The inside is large enough to do an entire motorcycle frame; you could do a whole car bumper or other regular-sized items on the outside. You can also stick anything inside it if you want, e.g., bicycle, lawnmower, water reservoir, etc.

Propane Powered Powder Coating Oven

This DIY propane-powered powder coating oven would be great for people who are into home projects. This is a super easy project to make with just a few materials easily assembled to create an excellent oven that can be heated by propane. This guide will show you step-by-step how you can build your own smooth propane powdered powder coating oven. If you're looking for a propane-fired powder coating oven, then look no further than this guide.

Having one of these ovens can be essential; when you're about to paint, powder coat, or lock, you will be able to do it all with ease and speed! The process is very easy and can be done at home. By the end of this guide, you'll have an awesome-looking propane-powered powder coating oven ready for use. This DIY propane-powered powder coating oven is perfect for those that love to do DIY projects. You'll love the results of experimenting with a variety of paints and finishes. It's a simple project to do and the perfect way to enjoy the creative process.

Powder Coating Oven

Powder coating is the coating of metal parts with a dry film of pigment and binder. Powder coating has become popular because, unlike painted coatings, it doesn't break down and is impervious to rust. Build your powder coating cabinet for $150 or less using an old electric oven and an O-1 Office Steel Storage Cabinet. This oven has proven to be everything I was looking for in an oven, simple, lightweight, self-contained, and easy to use. This is a basic build that anyone can make with the proper skills. This is not complicated, but it's very effective. I hope you enjoy this build.

How To Make A Powder Coating Oven

Suppose you're looking to get into powder coating work. This oven will be best for powder coating ad to get rid of rusted pieces in no time. This is a simple and easy way of building a powder coating oven. This would help in accessories, accessories for cars, powder coating materials, and tools. Be prepared to witness the process of building a powder coating oven with this video guide. It's loads of movies and is mainly about building, assembling, welding, and less talking. Details are through the way it was made as they were created. Be prepared to witness the process of building a powder coating oven with this video guide.

It's loads of movies and is mainly about building, assembling, welding, and less talking. Details are through the way it was made as they were created. This video series will guide you from purchasing equipment to building a powder coating oven from scratch. This is the only strictly DIY series with details on how to build not just a range but also exhaust fans, powder tank, all safety equipment, and much more... A step-by-step instructional video series for the beginner in powder coating... A must-have video tutorial package !!!

Powder Coating Oven Build

14 DIY Powder Coating Oven Plans (2)

(Video) Large, practically DIY, Powder Coating Oven 610BOB's Builds

The DIY Powder Coating Oven Build enables hobbyists to create their high-quality powder coatings with little fuss safely. The oven is easy to build and just in the perfect size, not too big and not too small; practically speaking, it will take the size of the upright freezer that you'll be using for this guide. First, you need to remove all the plastic shells, compressors, and wiring from Inside the freezer. Next, use a WWII metal brake to make angles for the box, mount some casters, breaker boxes, and other elements. This DIY Powder Coating Oven build easy to assemble and just the perfect size, not too big and not too small; practically, it will take the size of the upright freezer you'll use for this guide.

You will need to have a few materials that you'll need to get started, a PID controller, misc screws and wires, one 4x8ft metal sheet, one upright freezer; this can be easy to find if you have an old upright freezer just laying around, a breaker box, a 220v plug, high-temperature paint, oven elements, and a few Other essential parts. The powder coating oven build is an excellent boat-building project, converting an upright freezer into a DIY powder coating oven. This boat-building project will show you how to convert a freezer into a powder coating oven with useful guidelines and instructions. It seems like a huge crate, but it might be the best of the things that we needed to do this guide.

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Powder Coating Oven From Smoker

Painted, chrome? No! Try powder coating, creating a unique look on your part. This video will show you how to modify your electric smoker oven into a powder coating oven for less than $100. The changes are easy to do, and the results are excellent. If you love the look of powder coating, but don't want to spend major $$ on an oven, try this fun (and free!) DIY powder coating video. The guy in the video shows you how to use an electric smoker as a powder coating oven with just some insulation and other parts that might be included if you buy an electric smoker or can be bought at your local hardware store.

This powder coating oven made from a smoker is easy to build and use, and you can make it at home with parts you might already have. Ovens like this one heat up to 400 degrees Fahrenheit in as little as 12 minutes and do not require an external temperature controller. The inside is built with insulation that will help the electric oven retain heat, and it is lined with ceramic fiber that helps insulate the room. This powder coating oven is easy to build and use and has a side door for loading and unloading.

Powder Coating Oven

If you are thinking about making your powder coating oven, the galvanized metal sheet you use for the chamber is one of the most important parts of the whole project. For use in a powder coating oven, a galvanized metal sheet must be thick enough to maintain shape during the process of heating and cooling. You want to avoid warping or bending while trying to get an accurate reading on the thickness of the coating.

Also, it must be robust enough not to puncture when you lift it out of the baking chamber after the heat cycle. This is a DIY (do-it-yourself) video on how to make an oven for powder coating. A galvanized metal sheet, which is usually used on roofs, can be used on your powder coating oven. The galvanized surface will make the stove more durable and easier to clean. The powder coating oven featured here uses 22G/0.8mm galvanized metal sheets that are 1.11m (3'7") wide by 0.6m (2') tall and 5mm (¼"). The galvanized sheet used here is from a 22G/0.8mm galvanized plate.

Cheap Powder Coating Oven Build From Kitchen Oven

This homemade powder coating oven is built from a used kitchen oven and some salvaged heating elements. It's big enough to run a small workshop, and it only costs about $130 (not including the primer). Yet, it uses less electricity than a light bulb! The creator made this oven mainly using recycled parts, and he shared this great step-by-step tutorial on how to make your powder coating oven with his many tips along the way.

(Video) Erecting a MASSIVE Powder Coating Oven From Scratch! (part 1of2)

Don't fret if you'd like to try out this project but don't have a lot of money to do it. In the video below, the instructions were for building a powder coating oven from an old kitchen oven--This process has been documented with over 30 hours of video. In the course, you'll build a powder coating oven from a discarded kitchen oven. It's essentially the same process as the one described above, except you'll use two heating elements to preheat a larger volume of air and a blower fan to keep the temperature more consistent. This oven is the size of a microwave, which is perfect if you live in smaller spaces or don't need to heat large amounts of powder.

It can hold up to 6 pounds of powder at once, giving you the ability to do 6 pounds per cycle, so you spend less time waiting! A total of 6 pounds can be cycled in about 3-½ hours. The powder coat oven features quartz heating elements. This electronic timer allows you to set your cycles for heating and cooling, an easy-to-use push-button operation with built-in covers, and it's even made from durable stainless.


Can you build your own powder coating oven? ›

You can build as many powder coating ovens as possible. The parts are easy to find and easy to use. The steps are concise and easy enough. You don't need to have a high skill level to build a powder coating oven, all you need to do is to get the right parts, follow the steps and start building.

What kind of oven do you need for powder coating? ›

Ovens are required for curing a powder coating. Powder coating ovens must be able to sustain temperatures of 450°F and the oven will need to be large enough to fit all the powder-coated objects inside.

Can you use a regular oven for powder coating? ›

using my “kitchen oven” for POWDER COATING - YouTube

Can I use a toaster oven for powder coating? ›

Biggest Toaster Oven for Powder Coating. Unboxing and review

How do you make a homemade powder coating oven? ›

Building the CHEAPEST Powdercoating Oven ... - YouTube

How big of an oven do I need for powder coating? ›

A typical 8'H x 8'W x 25'D powder coating oven with a rear-mounted heat unit and side-mounted exhauster will require a space that is over 10′ tall, a little less than 12′ wide and about 30' deep.

What temp do you powder coat at? ›

Unlike conventional liquid paints, which require an evaporating solvent for application, powder coating uses electrostatic application methods before being cured under high heat. Most powders require baking at around 350-400 degrees Fahrenheit for 10-20 minutes to fully cure.

Does a powder coat oven need a vent? ›

- Ventilation: you need a certain amount of refreshment because at curing some cracking products evaporate from the powder. - Air circulation: your oven must be equipped with an air-circulation unit in order to achieve an even temp.

Can you use propane for powder coating? ›

If you decide to go with a gas or propane fueled powder coat oven, a few words of advice: Be sure to get an oven that uses UL or ETL listed components. ASK FOR THE NUMBER on the burner! Cheap, inefficient burners are a mistake you will regret in the long run.

Can you overcook powder coat? ›

Over-baking powder can lead to brittleness, flaking, discoloration (yellowing or browning), and lack of gloss. Under-baking powder can cause excessive orange peel, poor chemical resistance, lack of adhesion, inconsistent gloss, and poor resistance to corrosion.

Can you powder coat without heat? ›

No matter what you're powder coating, you can cure powder without an oven — it just requires a different heat source. We suggest pairing a small oven for smaller parts with a heat lamp for large parts to get the most out of a small space in your garage.

Can you powder coat in a microwave? ›

Powder coatings are used on everything from tractors and cranes to gas and electric ranges, refrigerator doors, washing machines, microwave ovens, dishwashers, home façades, mailboxes, and more. Powder coatings are safe, economical, durable, and friendlier to the environment than most paint coatings.

Will a convection oven work for powder coating? ›

With a convection oven curing occurs from the outside of the powder coating in. Due to this outside in curing, convection ovens will typically be slower to cure a powder coating than their infrared oven counterparts.

What is a curing oven? ›

A curing oven uses heat to create a chemical reaction to cure a finish or adhesive onto a product, or to solidify a plastic or epoxy. The result is a harder, tougher, more stable material or coating that resists temperature, humidity, and/or corrosion. Common applications include curing parts, coatings, and adhesives.

What is convection used for in oven? ›

The air is relatively stagnant in conventional ovens, but with convection there is a fan that circulates the air, which helps food cook more quickly and can reduce dreaded hot or cold spots.

How do you build a curing oven? ›

Making a DIY Powdercoat Curing Oven Using Free ... - YouTube

How do you make a powder coating machine? ›

HOW TO | Powder Coating at home | DIY / CHEAP / EASY - YouTube

How do you build an industrial oven? ›

How We Create an Industrial Oven - YouTube

How do you cure powder coating without an oven? ›

The surface of the vehicle gets very hot to the touch, right? Well, the same idea can be used to cure powder without a dedicated powder coating oven. By using infrared heat curing technology, you can heat up large areas on a part until they get hot enough for the powder to flow out and cure.


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